James Bond Passport Props by Magnoli Props

Bond Passport


One of the most cinematically known globe trotters is immortalized in this set of replica passports dating back to the 1950s. Following travels over different 10-year periods, each passport contains visa stamps chronicling the journeys of the legendary secret agent.

  • Literary Bond (1951-1961): Based on the original novels, featuring Hoagy Carmichael as Bond.
  • Connery Bond (1961-1971): Based on Connery's first seven films.
  • Connery Somerset (1961-1971): Assumed identity from FRWL.
  • Connery Franks (1961-1971): Assumed identity from DAF.
  • Moore Bond (1973-1983): Based on Moore's six films.
  • Dalton Bond (1985-1995): Based on Dalton's three films.
  • Brosnan Bond (1990-2000): Based on Brosnan's first three films.
  • Craig Bond (2006-2016): Based on Craig's first four films.
  • Craig Beech (2006-2016): Assumed identity from CR. (no visa stamps)
  • Craig Bryce (2012-2029): Assumed identity from SF. (no visa stamps)

We have also replicate two companion passports:

  • Caroline Somerset (1961-1971): Assumed identity from FRWL.
  • Stephanie Broadchest (2006-2016): Assumed identity from CR.

The price listed is for a single passport (select which style in the drop down option box).

Bond Passport