Jason Bourne Passport Prop Replicas by Magnoli Props

Bourne Passports


Created by author Robert Ludlum and brought to the silver screen with the face of Matt Damon, Jason Bourne is an enigmatic killer in search of his identity across several continents.

When Bourne goes through his safe deposit box at the Swiss Bank, he finds several passports. The first US passport he opens shows the name of Jason Bourne, which he then assumes thereafter.

Each of his passports, shown in the bank box, has a different name and personal information and are replicated here in detail from the original props. The following passport props are available:

Jason Bourne: USA
John Michael Kane: USA
Sebastien Levron: France
Paul Kay: USA
Foma Kiniaev: Russia
Joao Do Carmo: Brazil
Nicholas Lemanissier: France

Each passport contains a collection of visa stamps to match the journeys described in the book and film. Passport tabs are NOT included and need to be purchased separately: Passport Tab Cards

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Bourne Passports