DL-44 Greeblies

DL-44 Greeblies

$95.00 USD

This greeblie set includes four custom machined props:

  • Droid Caller: machined aluminum, with steel screws, knurled caps, and painted body which disassembles like a vintage flash tube.
  • Two Relay Boxes: painted aluminum box with steel and brass pins and printed serial numbers on the face.
  • CO2 Cartridge: replica machined body (not pressurized), painted green to match original props

Droid Caller can be purchased separately, or as part of the complete set of four pieces. Leather DL-44 Gunbelt not included. 


  • Droid Caller: 127mm long x 41mm diameter
  • Relay Boxes: 65mm x 38mm x 20mm overall (40mm x 35mm x 18mm lower section which slides into leather pouch)
  • CO2 Cartridge: 65mm long x 17mm diameter
DL-44 Greeblies