Letter of Marque Replica by Magnoli Props

Letter of Marque

$30.00 USD

This reproduction of a 17th century document known as a "Letter of Marque" was both a full pardon from the King of England as well as a privateer's commission, giving a pirate the right to attach and plunder England's enemies on the open seas.

This version is copied word-for-word from an original film prop, has a decorative top border with an image of King George I as well as his signature at the bottom. Below this is the signature of Lord Beckett, a representative of the East India Trading Company. Beside each signature is a wax seal, stamped with each one's personal seal, just like the original prop. The entire parchment is carefully aged using several techniques to give it the appearance of a genuine 17th century document. This large sheet measures about 11" x 16".

Note: When ordered, this product only comes as 1 Letter of Marque.

Letter of Marque