Our current works in progress:


Neverending Story Book (Blank version)

We are happy to say that our Neverending Story prop book will be available mid November 22.

The cover will be genuine leather, accurately sized, with custom make metal Auryn and corner pieces, and gold embossed title. The interior will have custom printed flysheets to match the original prop as well.


Neverending Story Auryn Necklace

Still a work in progress but close to finishing. We hope to make the necklace available in December but may creep into the next year.

The Auryn necklace is metal with gold and metal plate, red and white crystal eyes and a screen accurate chain.


Deckard Whiskey Glasses

This iconic glass will be made of lead-free crystal. We are hoping these will be available early next year.


Archeology Brush

Our map room brush is made from horse hair with a wooden handle. Available mid November 22.


Dream Sand Pouch



One eyed Willy's Crystal Gems

To compliment our marble pouch we are putting together 15x screen accurate glass/crystal gems.


Tom Riddles Diary

On hold. To express interest please send us an email.


Three Musketeers Rapier (2003 version)

On hold. To express interest please send us an email.