Deluxe Clapperboard by Magnoli Props

Deluxe Clapperboard

$245.64 NZD

This classic style Hollywood clapperboard can be fully customized with any movie title, director, cameraman, etc. This particular style was popular in the 1970s and 1980s. The entire board is painted by hand, just like the originals. The slate and take numbers are hand-written in chalk and can easily be rubbed off and changed. Similarly, the bottom of the board has a piece of gaffer tape with hand-written date and scene setting. Finally, the entire board is given a distressed finish to give it the appearance of a well worn piece of film history.

  • Available in standard and extra large size:
    • Standard: 11" x 9" (28cm x 23cm)
    • Extra Large: 14" x 15" (35cm x 38cm)

If you would like the Slate Number, Take Number, Date or Setting included, please add this information to the comments section of your order. Otherwise, these fields will be left blank.

Production Title:
Deluxe Clapperboard