Red Book by Magnoli Props

Red Book

547.58 EUR
Date Added: Monday 22 April, 2019
by Timothy F.
This is a wonderfully remarkable artifact. The high quality paper, the layout, the fonts, the illustrated items, the leather cover are all exquisite. It is interesting to experience the tale from what one would academically call the ur-text from which the 2oth century editor J. Tolkien filled out in his version of the narratives. The various writers (BIlbo, Frodo, Sam, etc.) are distinguished by their orthographic styles and even alphabets used! One has a glimpse into true hobbitry. And a sense of truly holding an ancient original. I will have to buy white gloves to handle it! ;-) It will be fascinating to read through and explore. It arrived within a mere 3-4 days all the way from NZ to NYC. in excellent condition. I was a bit surprized however to see that it was not boxed as I would expect for something of such quality and expense. So I purchased a shadow box to store it in. Perhaps you might share some details about how it was developed and produced? One improvement might be to slightly feather the edges of the pages as used to be common in older books. The edges look a bit too machined otherwise. I may experiment with attempting to achieve that. I have a rather large collection of film and book oriented Tolkieniana, and this now occupies the place of supreme value! It exceeds every expectation. Yess, it is my presshuss!

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