Red Book by Magnoli Props

Red Book

$969.84 NZD
Date Added: Monday 17 August, 2020
by Josh S.
This magnificent book has the uncanny effect of instilling a sense that you are, without a doubt, holding a genuine artifact of the past. Things that stood out to me were the old-wolrd smell, the feel of the aged leather and paper, the incredible craftsmanship, the stunning attention to detail, and the extra-literature research that went into this project (Bilbo's farewell poem from one of Tolkien's personal letters was an amazing touch). If there was one piece of ultimate fandom that would ever be worth spending a pretty penny on, this is it - not only because of the content, but this is genuinely a piece of artisanal work. I was blessed to receive this book as a collective birthday gift from my friends and family, and after seeing pictures of one many years ago I feel extremely lucky to have secured a copy. It inspired me to try my hand at calligraphy and create my own copies of Tolkien's "Kings Letter" and "Thorin's Letter" which now also reside in my red book. To anyone reading and considering, stop looking at the images, save up the money, and buy one - you will absolutely not regret it.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]