Morley Cigarettes by Magnoli Props

Morley Cigarette Pack

$29.00 USD
Date Added: Monday 23 May, 2022
by Thomas H.
I was a little bit disappointed in the quality of the build personally. I don't want to cause a fuss here and I have to admit that I do really love the fact that you've created this item as I've always wanted a Morley Cigarette pack, and I'm still massively grateful for having it. I was just a little disappointed that the cardboard is a bit flimsy compared to a normal cigarette pack. I understand that this is a prop essentially and probably not meant to be used as an actual cigarette pack but I was really hoping for a box that I could physically use when I'm out and about. In using this box as an actual cigarette box the cardboard has degraded very quickly, and the print has also started to fade almost immediately around the edges of the box. If you're just putting this thing on a shelf with a signature or something like that then I can recommend it, but if you're looking to actually imitate the devil himself, my advice would be to try and create your own Morley Cigarette pack from an actual cigarette pack. I'm toying with the idea of lifting the print off the pack I've bought and laminating it onto a real cigarette pack which is much more sturdy and I imagine will elongate the life of the pack.

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