Jack Sparrow Sword by Magnoli Props

Pirate Sword

271.49 EUR
Date Added: Tuesday 12 December, 2017
by Johnny S.
I can not recommend this sword more to fellow Jack impersonators. Its perfect in every way and with a little more weathering and finishing touches, is completely screen accurate. Overall length is 24 inches and width is 1 1/2 inches. Scabbard is made of actual tanned leather not some cheap ass product. It also can be bent on the end for true to life accuracy. The blade comes flat which is fine since i don\'t plan on actually being a rapey pillagy pirate anyways. I must thank you for creating such a perfect product. There are way too many sellers on eBay and such selling really piss poor quality products. Its nice to see a reasonably priced and screen accurate product on the market for once. You also shipped it from London and it got here a day earlier then expected. Meanwhile i ordered from a guy in Florida a week earlier and my envelope sized package hasn\'t even arrived yet. 10/10 will buy with you in the future. Cheers!

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