Themed Shadow Box by Magnoli Props

Bilbo Shadow Box - OUT OF STOCK

$95.00 USD
Date Added: Tuesday 05 October, 2021
by Steven D.
Fantastic collection of replica items from The Hobbit. My shadow box came with one of the metal acorn buttons from Bilbo's waistcoat instead of a real acorn, though I will easily be able to remedy that in a few weeks as there are many oaks nearby where I live. The button is a nice reminder of those Bilbo lost when escaping Gollum and the Misty Mountains. The Dwarven coins look great and are nicely cast and have a good amount of detail. The small Hobbit-sized copy of Thror's Map of The Lonely Mountain is beautiful and has every detail exactly, as does the Map of Middle Earth that lines the box. The box is well made with one side attached to the transparent acrylic for easy access. The small scrolls are also a nice touch, one is tied and the other has a small wax seal. When mine arrived the wax seal was cracked. I could heat the edges with a soldering iron to reseal it, but I will probably leave it as I think it adds a little charm - it looks like the scroll has been read before being carefully rerolled and kept as a memento.

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