Guthwine Sword by Magnoli Props

Guthwine Sword (Factory Seconds)

$395.00 USD $296.25 USD

This details sword prop features horse motifs on the hilt, pommel and scabbard. The sword has a 27" blade with large fullers along the length, genuine leather-wrapped handle and antique plated metal hilt and pommel, measuring 33 1/2" overall. The scabbard is wrapped in a matching leather and finished with the same antique appearance as the hilt. It is presented with a wooden wall display which holds both sword and scabbard in place.

  • The sword weighs 1.4 kilos (about 3 pounds) and the scabbard weighs 0.9k (about 2 pounds).

These factory second swords may include one or more of the following defects:

  • Bent blade
  • Fullers on blade not straight/even
  • Sword tip bent
  • Small scratches/ chips on handle and other metal ornamental parts
  • Sword and scabbard don't align perfectly
  • Stitching not straight on scabbard
  • Leather on scabbard not glued into grooves


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Guthwine Sword (Factory Seconds)
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