Red Book by Magnoli Props

Red Book

556.80 EUR
Date Added: Thursday 20 May, 2021
by Sharayah C.
This is truly a work of art!! As an avid book-lover/budding collector and a lover of all things Tolkien; I had high hopes and expectations for this book. I actually worried that I may have set my hopes too high- boy was I wrong! This “Red Book” (of Westmarch/ Periannath) BLEW ME AWAY. Truly. Not only does it feel like it is old enough to be the "real thing"; it also SMELLS old. Not in a chemically-processed old or faked old way either. That is incredibly difficult to do! What's inside is even more amazing. They've managed to pull off the perfect balance between Tolkien's original art sketches, maps, and story and also movie-based sketches and references. I can't explain it but it feels like the missing piece between them while still honoring Tolkien's work. The changes in "speech" (writing) patterns and the fact that they truly appear to be written by different authors shows their top-notch level of attention to detail. My search for a collectible but authentic-feeling "Red Book of Westmarch" has gone on for at least 15yrs and I've actually had this page saved in my favorites for about 5yrs. I kept going back and forth on whether or not I was okay with spending this much and risk being disappointed with it not feeling "real" enough to satisfy my own expectations. Having finally taken the plunge and purchased this one; I can honestly say I don't think I'll ever find another version that can top how beautifully and perfectly crafted they have made this and I would have gladly paid more for this than what they're asking.

This book seems so authentic that it makes you wonder if maybe, just maybe; Middle Earth really existed. This has immediately become one of my most prized possessions (if not THE most) and I will treasure this forever.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]